b'Our Homes & CareFollowing an early decision to create visiting pods, and latterly face-to-face visits, the team have also facilitated over 4,000 visits across our homesYour help and support have been essential in underpinning all the above.Our residents have loved your cards, calls, messages and visits.Our colleagues will be eternally grateful knowing that you appreciated their endeavours and compassion.We did not even know what bags of love were before this year!Looking back perhaps our greatest achievement despite the unprecedented challenges has not simply been the continued delivery of our organisations purpose - to create homes: it has been that this delivery has been enhanced. We have learnt so much about what makes a home, about the importance of people, connections, and empathy, all of which we are committed to retain, in order to help us face the challenges of a new norm.Above all, we have reaffirmed that there is nothing new, regardless of challenge, there is only ever one norm, one constantGod. and that in Him, and in His abundance, and in His everlasting love we are and always will be more than conquerors(Romans 8:31-39).Bro. David Morgan (Director of Operations & Care)cch-uk.com'