b'Our People & Their SupportOur People & Their SupportThe first 12 months of the pandemic certainly threw in many and varied challenges!Our committed colleagues were thrown into the deep end and yet continued to provide loving individual care enabling our residents to lead fulfilling lives within a spiritual environment centred on the Christadelphian ethos.Balancing an extra busy work life with a demanding home life, whether that be through home schooling children, accommodating family members suddenly working from home or being furloughed, meant our colleagues had to rise to the challenge and give of their best.We are truly thankful for the care they showed to our residents and the support they gave to each other throughout this time.It soon became evident that working in care during a pandemic carried a risk.Some of our colleagues felt that risk was too great to take and others fell into the extremely vulnerable category where they were able to be placed on furlough.For those colleagues who continued in their roles we were able to mitigate the risk through an abundance of PPE, effective infection control procedures and clear and thorough training.It was impossible to eliminate the risk and all colleagues worked together to keep COVID at bay.cch-uk.com'