b'Our People & Their SupportAs a result of our depleted workforce and our doors being closed to families, friends and volunteers we set about recruiting extra support.Within a matter of weeks we were able to recruit 107 temporary colleaguesthe vast majority coming from within the Christadelphian community!What an incredible blessing that our Heavenly Father provided for us in this way.These temporary recruits helped to fill the void that resulted from the closing of our doors.They observed our practices and our routines and sometimes challenged the way that we did things.Christadelphian Care Homes was suddenly brought to the attention of many more people in our community.Our homes are now increasingly re-opening to visitors as we, along with society in general, are having to learn to live with COVID.Five of our managers have never operated in that role outside of COVID but, along with our residents and colleagues, they are looking forward to welcoming you into the homes.Thank you, once again, for your continued support.It is just what is needed!Sis. Sarah Owen (Organisational Delivery)'