b'Our NumbersCash 2020/212019/20 000 000Opening cash balance 2,218 3,264Cash generated from operating activities 408 1,814Investment in fixed assets -808-3,117Other investment activities 875 257Closing cash balance 2,692 2,218These figures are presented in a new format which were now using to report and review our finances at an organisation-wide level. It allows us to see the income and costs of our homes and sheltered provision, the central overheads of the organisation (head office), and then the other income that supports our work. Please note that the figures are quoted in thousands, so if you see 510, it means 510,000.Sometimes our brothers and sisters cannot afford to pay their fees. The line at the bottom of the income section, entitled fees shortfall shows that 1,248,000 had to be contributed to the income of the homes from Christadelphian Care Homes reserves during the year. The shortfall is a similar amount each year, and donations and legacies are essential and very much welcomed as they help us to pay for that shortfall.Full accounts are available by contacting Phil Browne at Head Office. (philbrowne@cch-uk.com)If you would like a standing order form please contact Jaqueline Webb on admin@cch-uk.com Auditors: RSM UKPrincipal Bankers:National Westminster Bank PLCInvestment Advisors:Rathbone Greenbank InvestmentsSolicitors:Shakespeare Martineau LLP (Birmingham)'