b'Some COVID NUMBERSfrom April 2020August 2021Some COVID Numbers April 2020August 2021Colleague Numbers:107 temporary colleagues were employed to support with the care and wellbeing of our residents40+ of these colleagues have now taken on permanent positionsSupport1@cch-uk.com - we created a specific e-mail address to support our colleagues. It has made a massive difference in helping colleagues who might need to isolate due to becoming symptomatic, testing positive on an LFT or PCR or having contact with positive or symptomatic individuals. This support provided clarity in what colleagues needed to do and how. It also ensured Christadelphian Care Homes knew how many of our team were not able to work. It enabled us to view trends and provide assurance to our Trustees and our regulators that we were managing the situation proactively.603 colleagues have235 of those colleagues needed to isolate tested positive for COVID19 themselves208k has been spent in5000+ e-mails supporting colleagueshave been sent and financially to ensurereceived in there is no pressure tomanaging thismake the wrong decision1800+ Bags of love 45+ Coffee boosts havehave been sent been held to provideby volunteers to time out for our seniorcolleagues in all Care teams through anHomes to support, independent expert motivate and inspire26 Oxygen masks presentations have been provided for senior teams of all the homes to help with perspective, endurance and care of self 22 Oxygen masks presentations have been provided for all colleagues of all homes to help with mental health, endurance and care of self'