b'Committee of managementCommittee of ManagementWe have a Board of Trustees who are made up of two sub-boardsthe Homes Trustees who are each aligned with one of our residential homes and the Strategic TrusteesBoard of Trustees:Chairman: Bro. Mark Buckler (Ashby-de-la-Zouch)Vice Chairman: Bro. Alan Sutton (Mumbles) Treasurer(Interim): Bro. David Hanley (Ashton U Lyne)Home Trustees:Newton Court Bro. Alan Sutton (Mumbles)Chair of Home TrusteesGarswood Bro. Darren Guy (Ormskirk)Eden House Bro. Geoff Purkis (Kings Heath)Fair Haven Bro. Jonathan Edwards (Bournemouth Central)Gowanlea Bro. Lindsay Yuile (Glasgow-Central)Olivet Sis. Lorraine Dray (Shirley)Bethesda Bro. Nigel Arscott (Plymouth)Kingsleigh House Sis. Rosemary Hanson (Birmingham South)Strategic Trustees:Bro. David Hanley (Ashton U Lyne)Chair of Home Strategic TrusteesBro. Alan Sutton (Mumbles)Bro. Alistair Firth (Cannock)Sis. Anna Whittaker (Stirling)Sis. Chloe Cave (Hall Green)Bro. Peter Anderton (Burton)Head Office:Managing Director: Bro. Jeremy Brown (Mumbles)Director of Operations & Care: Bro. David Morgan (Rugby)Organisational Delivery* Sis. Sarah Owen (Mumbles) Director of Finance (Interim): Sis. Anna Fitch (Bristol Downend)* Sis Sarah Owen is also the Manager of Newton Court'