b'Chairmans ReportBefore the pandemic we had made a decision to look at the trustee structure and decided to recruit additional trustees as strategic trustees with specific skills to complement the home trustees. We are grateful to those who accepted the invitation to join us and it has proved a very useful and timely addition to the work of the trustees. We have appointed five strategic trustees in the year. Three home trustees have retired and been replaced by new home trustees. Our thanks are due to brethren Michael Dawson Bowman, Roger Griffiths and sister Anna Clarke for their hard work and commitment over many years. The trustees have not met together face to face for over 18 months and we look forward to the time when we can. We are very grateful for the work the trustees do in freely giving of their time and experience to the organisation.This has been a challenging year in adapting and changing some of the ways in which we operate.Some of the things we have learnt we shall carry forward with us as we learn to live with COVID. It has not, and will not, go away so we shall continue to be challenged in the days ahead as we continue to strive to provide loving, caring homes for our brethren and sisters.But we recognise that we cannot do it on our ownwe continue to need our Heavenly Fathers blessing and the support of our community until the Lord comes.Bro. Mark Buckler (Chairman)cch-uk.com'