b'Treasurers ReportTreasurers ReportFinancially, as in many other ways, the year was a year of highs and lows. Quite rightly, we spent what we had to spend to keep everyone as safe as possible.Expenditure on additional labour within our homes was approximately 1,500,000 during the year: payments to colleagues who needed to isolate or shield, payments to temporary colleagues who covered their roles, and employing extra colleagues on each shift to allow cohorting, safe visiting and additional cleaning. The 107 temporary colleagues were recruited predominantly from the Christadelphian community, and we are so pleased that more than 40 of them have stayed with us as permanent colleagues.Another 300,000 went on PPE and cleaning equipment, technology to enable residents to keep in touch with their relatives and friends, and the addition of the visiting pods. We are so blessed to have had the reserves to allow us to spend on all those items without worrying about where the money would come from.'