b'Treasurers ReportAlthough we were able to buy everything we needed, our cash reserves started to erode to the point where we were having to dip into our longer-term reserves, which are earmarked for future improvements to our estate. In late January 2021, we appealed to the Christadelphian community to help us to fund these additional costs. The response was so positive, swift and generous. Thank you so much. Total additional income from donations and legacies for the whole year was 1,700,000, of which 767,000 was from additional personal donationsa staggering amount.We continued to benefit from the expertise of our investment advisors who guided us through the year in making sensible and ethical investment decisions. The value of our investments rose by 1,868,000 during 2020/21, although part of that gain was reversing the 1,000,000 loss we suffered in 2019/20 due to the onset of the pandemic.Our challenge now is to reset our expectations, financial and otherwise, as we learn to live with covid. We must continue to ensure that we spend charitable funds wisely, especially on our largest item of expenditureour labour costs. We are concentrating management energy on understanding how and why some of our homes run more efficiently than others while still achieving outstanding care, and trying to replicate their models of delivery in other, less efficient homes. In addition to this, we are overhauling our fee structure, by updating the way that we assess care needs and the costs that we ascribe to those needs to ensure that everyone continues to pay a fair and equitable fee.Sis. Anna Fitch(On behalf of David Hanleyinterim Treasurer)cch-uk.com'