b'Managing Directors ReportManaging Directors ReportWhat a year!The term pandemic sometimes makes it onto an Organisations Risk Register.Invariably, it is rated high impact but with such a low likelihood that the risk is regularly ignored. But not anymore.The way that Christadelphian Care Homes has negotiated the challenges presented by COVID-19 has set us apart from other Care Home providers. This is, in part, because of.the way in which we had 633 sign-ins to a zoom update demonstrating the huge support of our community. the many voluntary financial contributions ensuring we are not compromised in our decision making. the unrelenting work, kindness and generosity of our Welfare Committees, volunteers and Ecclesias meaning that our colleagues have continued to receive bags of love encouraging them through this challenging time. our Board of Trustees who know our business and understand our purpose.The support, motivation and counsel they have given has been incredible.When you read through our COVID statistics later on in this report they demonstrate some of the extraordinary work that has been done.'