b'Our Homes & CareOur Homes & CareIn last years annual report, we wrote about the need to create homes to ensure that we deliver our organisations purpose.Yet, as we were writing the report, life in our homes was under threat by the unprecedented challenges of the COVID pandemic.The closing of our care homes to all non-essential visitors in line with national guidance suddenly restricted our ability to provide our ethos and values, and the subsequent isolation had the potential to take the heart out of our homes. Our greatest challenge this year has been balancing risk while preserving the home and protecting life whilst promoting life. Immediately we actively secured supplies of PPE, providing our colleagues with the confidence and assurance to deliver individualised, empathetic, loving care, whilst protecting the residents, themselves, and their families from possible harm.Then, with our doors closed, we made the immediate commitment to fill our homes with activity, laughter, and companionship.Our colleagues, supported by our new recruits, diligently promoted existing relationships with family, friends, and our communitybringing the heart into our homes. In these 12 months, the team have facilitated approximately 9,500 phone calls, 22,000 Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime calls and shared over 100,000 photos and videos, through 30,000 WhatsApp posts.'