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Coronavirus (Covid-19): Advice when visiting a Christadelphian Care Home

11th March

11th March

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The situation around coronavirus (Covid-19) is fast-paced and ever-changing, guidance is being updated on an almost daily basis as more is understood about the virus, how it spreads, how it affects individuals and how to ‘manage’ it.We are doing all we can to mitigate the risk to our residents, staff, volunteers and visitors across all of our homes and schemes. Our teams are used to dealing with outbreaks of viruses, such as norovirus and seasonal influenza. As a result, we already have robust infection control arrangements in place. We are actively promoting in all our locations the importance of good hygiene and handwashing, placing posters in prominent places as a reminder.We would ask all our visitors to be as equally diligent in your personal hygiene by washing your hands regularly and using the hand gel which we have made available. Good hygiene is critical for your own protection but is imperative in supporting our efforts to protect our residents.

We will constantly update and refine our plans as the situation changes, we are constantly listening to the guidance being issued by the Government and have our own ‘steering group’ to support effective intervention.As we progress through the stages, we will also be guided by public health as to what steps we would need to take as each situation will differ. This will range from asking a staff member to stay at home and isolate themselves, community activities being cancelled through to a resident being isolated in their room or a home having to be closed to visitors.Any home closures will be communicated on this page.Thank you for your support and understanding.Guidance from the Government is being constantly updated.To find out the latest go to or

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