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Updates to our visiting policy

19th March

19th March

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Please don’t come in.

To help us care for our residents safely, we have now taken the precautionary but extreme decision to not allow any visitors into this home. The government have indicated we are now in the ‘fast growth’ curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that there are more carriers of the virus than before and there will be an exponential increase in the number of cases. Most of those ‘carrying’ the virus will not know they are doing so. The residents of this home are extremely vulnerable and we have to mitigate the risk of them catching COVID-19. We hope that you understand our decision. If you have any queries or questions, please speak to the team.

But please, please still make contact with those that live here.

It is a heart wrenching decision to make as we know it compromises the mental and spiritual well-being of our residents. It is essential though that we look after their physical well-being. The residents still need to hear from you and ‘see’ you - more than ever before! There are many ways that you can do this with modern technology and we ask you to think of every way you can make contact with those who live in this home and make their isolation less lonely. Again, if you have any questions, ideas or feel that you can help in any way, please speak to the team.

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