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At every Christadelphian Care Home, we take pride in being able to offer care of the highest quality to all our residents, and we also ensure that we supprt every individual’s spiritual and wellbeing needs.

We believe that the nature of our homes highlights the quality of our care, and our residents are at the heart of everything that happens in our homes, with their views and opinions always considered. Combinations of Residential, Nursing, Dementia and Respite Care are offered in all ten Christadelphian care locations across the UK in rooms, suites and apartments, but please see the individual care home pages to find out which types of care and accommodation your nearest location provides.

Residential Care

We acknowledge the challenges in later life of balancing your health, wellbeing and safety needs with the desire to remain independent in your own home. Our staff teams are here to support you with everyday tasks you may struggle with on your own as a result of age or health. The purpose of this support is to promote your independence, opportunity and wellbeing within a care environment that has been specifically created to aid inclusion and meaningful occupation. A move into residential care should be seen as another chapter in life, which is still full of opportunities.

Nursing Care

Sometimes, your health and care needs may require the input of registered staff supporting and delivering specialist care. All Christadelphian Care Home locations can support nursing care through our community engagement and partnerships – this may include facilitating the input of a local District Nurse Team, Community Physiotherapy, Speech & Language Therapist or Phlebotomist into your care pathway. If your care is part-funded by the NHS through the Funded Nursing Care program then currently we can deliver this funded program at Olivet only, where we employ Nursing staff and are developing the Nursing Associate role.

Dementia Care

The journey of living with dementia is deeply personal and exceptionally challenging. At Christadelphian Care Homes, we actively develop our staff to understand this journey and how to support you through it. We see you first – the richness of your life experience, the depth of your relationships, the strength of your convictions – focusing on opportunities, enablement and autonomy. All our homes can support those living with dementia to live well. In some of our homes, we have created specific dementia-friendly environments and have developed our staff teams to be dementia ambassadors.

Respite Care

Respite care is short-term care in a Christadelphian Care Home to enable recovery from an illness, injury or procedure, giving you a safe place with all the support you need to regain your confidence and independence. Respite care also offers the opportunity to provide a ‘break’ for your carers, when they can take some time to recharge their batteries with the peace of mind that you’re being well-cared-for, safe and supported in a Christadelphian Care Home. Respite Care has all the enhancements of Residential, Nursing and Dementia Care.

With highly-qualified, deeply caring staff in every Christadelphian Care Home, you’re sure to receive first-class care wherever you choose to live. Care plans are tailored to your needs and regularly reassessed, so we’ll make sure you’re always receiving an appropriate level of support. Inspected by independent care regulators: the Care Quality Commission (CQC) (England); the Care Inspectorate Wales and Care Inspectorate Scotland, you can trust our care is second-to-none.

Life in Christadelphian Care Homes and Apartments

Every care home offers a wide variety of activities and outings, encouraging independent, active living. Activities include exercise classes, coffee mornings, DVD presentations, quizzes and word games, arts and craft classes, daily Bible reading, hymn singing, flower arranging, clothes shows, outings to local places of interest and gardening. Visitors are always welcome to come and see friends and family members, with guest rooms available in some homes; seeing loved ones forms a crucial part of our residents’ wellbeing. Additionally, residents can come and go as they please, depending on the level of care required, and we encourage residents to maintain their independence in this way for as long as possible without compromising safety.

Our homes centre on our shared faith, so spiritual guidance and support is never far away. Many of our homes are linked to a nearby Christadelphian Ecclesia, with many volunteers helping to form the wellbeing teams in our homes.

Many of our sheltered apartments lie in close proximity to one of our care homes – when this is the case, apartment residents are invited to join in with all the activities, outings and events the care home organises. Visit the ‘Apartments’ page to find out more about the facilities at each of our apartment locations.

Funding Your Care

The cost of care in a Christadelphian Care Home is based upon our assessment of your needs, and how you pay for care will depend on your level of savings and assets. This differs for care in England, Scotland and Wales, so please speak to your nearest Christadelphian Care Home to find out more, where the team will be more than happy to help.

Sheltered Apartments operate in a different way, with some privately-owned by residents and some available to rent. Contact your chosen location to find out more.

Christadelphian Care Homes?

If you are interested in living in a Christadelphian Care Home or sheltered apartment, or you think one of our locations would be ideal for your loved one, either as a permanent resident or for respite, please click below to enquire about availability.

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